Most kennels have direct access to a large run area, and dogs are let out into the run, in turn, throughout the day. Beds or blankets are on pallets so that dogs are not sleeping on the ground. We have a range of bedding available. Most dogs prefer a blanket or two, but we can offer a range of soft beds for those that need them. You are welcome to bring your own bedding (with no extra charge) but we are unable to guarantee its return.
Kennel Management
All kennels are secure and are cleaned and disinfected each morning (and after any "accidents"). As dogs are continually being rotated into the runs, we find that most "poop" is available for collection there. Poop-scooping is done regularly throughout the day and every time different dogs enter the run. Each kennel has its' own water bowl and there are bowls in each run. Water bowls are topped up through the day. We also have concrete bowls for the water lovers and appreciate when owners let us know that this is needed. Clean fresh bedding is used for each dog and this is changed when necessary. Of course you are also welcome to bring any bedding your dog prefers. All kennels are cleaned and disinfected between visitors as well.
Exercise and Playtime
Your dog will have the choice of having "play-time" alone or with other dogs, and they will receive plenty of loving care by experienced dog handlers. If dogs are run together, we carefully supervise the first few sessions to ensure there are no problems. Daily lead walks are offered at no extra cost. The route taken is about 50m on the road, then about 1k return down a farm track. Smaller dogs (or those that are unfit for any reason) have the option of being walked out in our paddock. We also have paddling pools available in the runs, weather permitting. Owners of water-loving dogs will understand how popular this is.
Dogs are fed each morning and evening with Eukanuba Biscuit and Chunky Dog roll - both premium foods. We can also feed special diets if this is required. Puppies (under 8 months) are also fed lunch.
For your dog's safety, dogs must be vaccinated for Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis. In addition, they must have cover for Kennel Cough. We also strongly recommend having your dog vaccinated for Leptospirosis as we are rural and wlak the dogs on farm land. Puppies must be 16 weeks old at the earliest to stay with us, and must have had their course vaccines 3 - 4 weeks apart as prescribed by your Vet. We will accept them 7 days after their second vaccination, when their immune systems have had the chance to develop the antibodies needed. Depending on the vaccine used, your adult dog will need a booster at intervals of 1 - 2 years for Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis and every year for Kennel Cough and Leptospirosis. If there no due date shown on the vaccination card we assume the minimum interval of 1 year.

We need to see their vaccination book on arrival any time a booster vaccination has been given. Because vaccination protocols are often changing with the improvement of the vaccinations, we suggest you contact your Vet if you have any queries regarding your dog.

Fleas & Worms
Please treat your animal in the weeks prior to their stay. For the comfort of all our guests, any animal with fleas or worms will be treated and you will be charged accordingly.
We are able to give medication as required. We will need to know what the medication is for and what the vet's instructions are. It's a good idea to bring in the original packaging with you. There is a small surcharge for this service. As Pet Stay staff are continually on the premises, we are able to accommodate animals that have high needs of whatever description.
We have grooming facilities available to us on site so your dog can be bathed, blow-dried, combed out and clipped if you require this service. We will bath your dog free of charge if he or she has been with us for longer than 1 week. Long haired dogs will be combed through routinely as part of the boarding service. Nail clipping is also available on request.
Many of our canine clients start to be excited when they realise that they are coming to Pet Stay. They drag their owners through the car park and can't wait to enter their kennels, it's easy to understand why Pet Stay is where your dog would stay if they had a say.

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