Many cats prefer to be social and as such are housed in the communal area of the cattery where they have their choice of places to be. There are 12 big cages for cats that prefer not to socialise, or need to be apart from other cats. There is a range of bedding available. You are welcome to bring your own bedding (with no extra charge) but we are unable to guarantee its return.
Cattery Management
The cattery is cleaned and disinfected each day (and after any "accidents"). Litter trays are changed at regular intervals throughout the day, when most staff take the opportunity for a little "rubbing" time. There are several water bowls throughout the cattery and each separate cage has its own water bowl. Water bowls are changed daily and topped up through the day. Plenty of clean, fresh bedding is available and this is checked daily and changed when necessary. Of course you are also welcome to bring any bedding your cat prefers.
Eukanuba cat biscuits are available throughout the day. Cats are also fed each morning and evening with Whiskas or Chef wet food. We can also feed special diets if this is required. Kittens (under 8 months) are also fed lunch.
For your cat's safety, they must be vaccinated for calici virus, panleukopenia, and rhinotracheitis. These diseases are covered in a multivariate vaccine provided by the vet. Kittens must be 12 weeks old at the earliest, and must have had their course of at least two vaccines 3 - 4 weeks apart as prescribed by your vet. We will accept them 7 days after their second vaccination, when their immune systems have had the chance to develop the antibodies needed. Cats will need a booster every year.
Fleas & Worms
Please treat your animal in the weeks prior to their stay. For the comfort of all our guests, any animal with fleas or worms will be treated and you will be charged accordingly.
We are able to give medication as required. We will need to know what the medication is for and what the vet's instructions are. It's a good idea to bring in the original packaging with you. There is a small surcharge for this service. As Pet Stay staff are continually on the premises, we are able to accommodate animals that have high needs of whatever description.
Long haired cats will be combed through routinely as part of the boarding service if they do not take care of their own grooming. If your cat has a lot of tangles and matted fur, we may need to charge a small fee. Nail clipping is also available on request.
Cats just love our bright, airy cattery with its many hidey holes and fun things to climb. There's even an outside area where they can bask in the sun and watch the world go by. With twice daily feeding and free range biscuits all day, it's easy to understand why Pet Stay is where your cat would stay if they had a say.

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